HP ENVY 7640 Driver Installations

HP ENVY 7640 Driver

HP ENVY 7640 Driver For Windows 32-64 bit and Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.13, Mac OS X 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.10)

HP ENVY 7640 Driver – HP Driver is a must when we have our printer that made by HP. This driver must be installed to the computer in order to have the printer works properlu. In case of having the driver, there are many kinds of HP Driver on the internet. Users who have HP ENVY 7640 All-in-One Printer series also available to get the driver, download and install  the compatible driver for your computer, exactly before using the printer.

If you wonder to get this driver for HP, you can easily go to the HP official website to check the drivers. There are many kinds of HP Drivers choices and you can download the compatible driver that fit to your computer’s operating system. You can also check the series of printer you have.

HP ENVY 7640 Driver

Inside the official website, you will find kinds of drivers that available for HP printers and you can have the information about the installation. To get a better work for your driver, it is better to get the latest updated driver. Here is the driver that compatible for any kinds of HP ENVY 7640 All-in-One Printer series and this has additional functions and features.

HP ENVY 7640 Driver For Windows Download

Operating systems :

  • MicrosoftWindows  10 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • MicrosoftWindows  7 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • MicrosoftWindows  8 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
  • MicrosoftWindows  8.1 (64-bit)
  • MicrosoftWindows  Vista (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)

HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer series Full Feature Software and Drivers

Type: Driver Version: 40.13
File name: EN7640_Full_WebPack_40.13.1176.exe
Download (105.9 MB)

HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer series Basic Driver (32- bit)

Type: Driver Version: 40.13
File name: EN7640_Basicx86_40.13.1176.exe
Download (51.6 MB)

HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer series Basic Driver (64- bit)

Type: Driver Version: 40.13
File name: EN7640_Basicx64_40.13.1176.exe
Download (54.4 MB)

HP ENVY 7640 Driver For Mac OS Download

Operating Systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.14
  • Mac OS X 10.13
  • MacOS X 10.12
  • Mac OS X 10.11
  • Mac OS X 10.10
  • MacOS 10.19

HP Easy Start

Type: Driver Version:
Filename: HP_Easy_Start.app.zip
Download (9.1 MB)

How to install

Below are steps to install the software and driver you downloaded.

  1. When you find your downloading process is done, the file is ready to be installed to your computer. Click the Open Folder and double click to the file you downloaded. It is usually named with .exe in the end of the file name.
  2. In the process of installation, you can read and click Next button to procced the installation process. Wait until the extraction process is done.

Note: if you have closed the screen of Downloaded Complete, you can browse it with searching the .exe file.

  1. When it is started with Install Wizard, you can follow the instruction on the screen until the installation done.

You can choose the type of installation for Full Feature Installation. Here are some informations for you to decide what type of installation you need to choose.

Recommended Installation

  • This provides all the product functions as well as the software in order to help you find the most of the product
  • Allowing to take the advantage of the product’s feature overall
  • It is designed for most users

Custom Installation

This installatioin is allowing you to install the minimun software or prefered software required

  • It is designed for those who have their hard disk space in limited space or this is for a condition where you received error massages while the Recommended installation is processing.

Note: make sure that error problems have been fixed before starting this installation.

CAUTION: In order to avoid the unwanted condition, you need to read the description of the software carefully while the installation process in the way.

How to Install an HP Driver
HP Printer Assistant for Windows Troubleshooting Steps

The HP Printer Assistant for Windows is software for printers that is associated with all HP products. However, HP as a manufacturer said that this was only available for the 2009 series above. And, as you know that this is printer software that is only available for Windows Operating Systems. This helps you a lot because you can do several tasks related to printers such as scanning documents, checking ink levels recently, ordering supplies, and there are many more tasks available through this software.

In the case of electronic products, there are always problems that occur with the HP Printer Assitant for Windows and this usually happens to users who upgrade their Operating System to the latest version. The problem arises in the Printer and Software settings which consist of setting and displaying the tool. There are also some conditions that follow this problem such as printer icons that do not appear when you open the printer device and folder. Here are some solutions that you can try if you solve a problem.

There are two main ways to solve this problem. The first way is to reset the printer connection and the second way is to reinstall the HP Printer Assistant software and drivers. However, there are also steps to solve the problem below.

Step 1 Reconnect the Printer

The first thing you can do when this software has a problem with your computer by skipping settings and display tools, you must reconnect your printer to your computer. After reconnecting the printer to the computer, click connect a new printer when the option appears on the screen. First, you can choose the type of connection before following the instructions to set up your printer. When X appears and the connection fails, click try again if you continue the next step.

If this still fails, turn off your printer and close the program running on your computer. You need to restart your computer, and when restarted, turn on the printer immediately. Open the HP Printer Assistant for Windows again and you will face the conditions below:

The HP Printer Assistant for Windows is opened, meaning this is solved
It still can’t be opened and you can proceed to the next solution

Step 2 Remove the HP Printer Software on your Computer

Removing the printer software will make you uninstall software or drivers related to HP products. In doing this, first, you need to disconnect your printer from your computer. Make sure the USB cable is not installed on the computer. Look in the menu and type “programs and features”. There will be a list of programs installed on your computer. Select the HP software that you want to delete and click uninstall then follow the instructions until the uninstall process is complete. Then, you can restart your computer.

Step 3 Reinstall the driver from the internet

Speaking of updating the latest operating system, something must have changed about compatibility by the driver. You can search for drivers on the internet that are compatible with the latest Windows operating systems that your computer has. Or, you can also install the program using the CD ROM provided from the manufacturer and update the program to the latest one updated. You can choose the full-featured driver or the other as you want.

Step 4 Reboot the Computer and Printer

In completing the settings, you must reboot the computer and printer. First, you must turn off your printer and computer after that. Then, turn it on again and your computer too. Open the HP Printer Assistant for Windows and check the conditions below:

The software runs perfectly, so this is resolved.
The software does not open properly, this means you have to connect your printer to the computer again and reboot the computer and printer to complete the setup.

Step 5 Using the Windows Print Driver Built in the Operating System

In terms of problem solving, there will be ways to solve the problem. In this case, you can use the built-in print driver from Windows. Search and test with troubleshooting and you can click the link to install and use the driver.

In the end, there are a number of tasks that you can get from the default Windows print driver as below:

You can open the HP Printer Assistant or HP Solution Center from printer management software, you can print directly using Start Applications and Desktop Applications And you can have basic printer features such as scanning, fax ink level checking, and printer preference settings.
What was mentioned earlier is a feature that is the standard for printing that you can find on Hp Printer

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